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Each example of a pun has been submitted by punsters all over the world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. If you think you can become a punster submit your puns to see if they are funny enough.

1. A golf course is a foreground.
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
3.0 stars
2. In a family 'Coffee Business' intake of outsiders is a filtered process to prevent spilling the beans!
Sivanandan - Sydney
3.0 stars
3. Fan of musical puns, Aria?
Dutchtica - Netherlands
3.0 stars
4. A dermatologist is a flesh man.
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
3.0 stars
5. Trichinosis offers eaters of raw pork two choices: cease and desist, or cyst and decease.
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
2.4 stars
6. To expectorate is bad grammar, because it is a spit infinitive.
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
1.9 stars
7. What do cupcakes use in the summer time? A sprinkler. 2.3 stars
8. This small hoodie fits pretty great, it's just hard to pull off.
Alex L - Vietnam
2.2 stars
9. Long lines at fast food cause wait gain.
reif - hawaii
2.8 stars
10. Now that they allow us to wear jeans at the office everyday, I am no longer a slacker.
Rick Kelso - Kansas
3.4 stars

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