Examples of Puns - from Pun of the Day

Each example of a pun has been submitted by punsters all over the world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. If you think you can become a punster submit your puns to see if they are funny enough.

1. The first time I used an elevator it was really uplifting, then it let me down.
JerryJokes - STL
3.0 stars
2. People who cry a lot have a wail of a time.
Robert Rhines - Yakima, WA
3.0 stars
3. How do mountains see? They peak. 3.0 stars
4. Whoever had the bright idea to invent the flashlight? 3.0 stars
5. Pocket bread stuffed with pocket bread makes a pitaful excuse for a sandwich.
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
3.0 stars
6. These reversing cameras are great. Since I got one I haven't looked back.
Kiwi Kawika - Auckland
3.0 stars
7. I was only on the military base from dusk to dawn, but it seemed like a fort night.
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
3.0 stars
8. I visited an acupuncturist today. I was done in under an hour, he was quick and to the point.
Daunte - Colorado
3.1 stars
9. My tailor is happy to make a pair of pants for me, or at least sew it seams.
Randall Woodman - United States
4.0 stars
10. During the late baroque era, rococo composers began to think outside the Bachs.
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
3.5 stars
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