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1. I was going to tell you a joke about infinity, but it didn't have an ending! 4.0 stars
2. My son's spelling test consisted of synonyms of the word incorrect. He was able to write every wrong.
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
3.9 stars
3. I felt super exhausted after giving blood. It's such a draining procedure.
Punstigator - Detroit
3.8 stars
4. After manually rotating the heavy machinery, the worker grew very cranky.
Punstigator - Detroit
3.7 stars
5. I had a hand in the puppet show.
Adam Ruse - Australia
3.0 stars
6. Two frogs were asked if they were lying. They almost got away with it, but one croaked. 3.0 stars
7. I just left the worst food themed theme park ever. Goodbye, Gruel World!
Dutchtica - Netherlands
2.9 stars
8. Where do Cockney bakers live? The Yeast End.
claire - UK
2.7 stars
9. The bank robber looked so peaceful and innocent lying there under his big fluffy blanket. Just goes to show you, you can't judge a crook by his cover.
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
2.7 stars
10. It's a clumsy reflection of yourself when you break a mirror.
Raj Naidoo - South Africa
2.6 stars
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