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1. When the train conductor got unfairly railroaded by his boss, his life immediately began going down the wrong track.
Randy - Ohio
3.8 stars
2. The leopard was so good at guessing. Every time he was spot on. 3.7 stars
3. The carpenter purchased his measuring stick at a yard sale last week. 3.6 stars
4. A ship's captain is a sails manager.
Joseph - Brooklyn, NY
3.6 stars
5. The church insisted on a new seminary graduate. They were looking for greener pastors. 3.5 stars
6. My shrink assures me that my obsession with the formalization of puns is just a 'phrase I'm going through'.
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
3.4 stars
7. We are out of light bulbs. Our home faces a dim outlook.
Patrick - Englewood, CO
3.2 stars
8. You heard about drug dealers being interrogated by the police? They do crack. 3.1 stars
9. Despite pressure to clean up their act, most dirtbags live in a vacuum.
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
3.0 stars
10. Eating oysters can help you increase your mussel tone.
Joseph - Brooklyn, NY
3.0 stars
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