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1. Broken puppets for sale. No strings attached.
HMA - Liverpool
4.0 stars
2. I bought a ton of staples and pushpins all for $3.99, plus tacks.
Mylin - NJ
3.9 stars
3. Deep cuts were made in the guillotine industry and heads rolled.
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
3.7 stars
4. When I opened the first snow-pea pod, one fell out and rolled under the fridge. One might say it was an escapea.
Daniel - Australia
3.6 stars
5. The forest had burned down, but now it's back by poplar demand.
Bob - Corvallis, OR
3.4 stars
6. Even the smallest egg farms are multi-layer organisations.
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
3.4 stars
7. When the drummer moved back in next door there were many repercussions.
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
3.3 stars
8. The doors just broke, I could fix it, but it hinges on other things. 3.3 stars
9. The carpenter came round the other day, he made the best entrance I have ever seen. 3.2 stars
10. I shouldn't have plugged my iPhone into the PC at the kitchen. It's now in the sync. 3.0 stars
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