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Current Positions for August 2016

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1. Wounds heal better if they are covered. This is an example of gauze and effect.
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
3.8 stars
2. The inventor of pantyhose really left us quite a legacy.
Bob Greenwade - Corvallis, OR
3.2 stars
3. How did the Dermatologist and the Dentist afford their new mansion? By the skin of their teeth. 3.2 stars
4. Religious vultures prey for their food.
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
3.1 stars
5. The food they serve to guards can last for sentries. 3.1 stars
6. Ralph was kicked off the skydiving team because he couldn't chute straight. 3.1 stars
7. A moat protects a castle in a round-about way.
LCDRKen - Houston, Texas
3.0 stars
8. The forensic psychologist was irritable because judges and juries tried his patients.
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
3.0 stars
9. My sister was telling me about our cousin. I have to say, he sounds familia.
Isabuscus - Alternia
3.0 stars
10. To win Olympic Gold in cycling, you must put the pedal to the medal.
reif - hawaii
2.9 stars

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