Bad Puns - the Worst Puns from Pun of the Day

These are the worst puns as downvoted by visitors to the site.

151. Having been diagnosed with a hernia has bothered me to my core.
  1.5 stars
Toycoon - Skokie
152. I was going to buy a sweet shop but it would have cost me hundreds and thousands.
  1.5 stars
the mad hatter - doncaster
153. I think my toothbrush has been stolen by a demon. Hells teeth!
  1.5 stars
154. I can spread, butter won't.
  1.5 stars
155. To heir is human.
  1.3 stars
156. I went to a bakery that advertised 'All Cakes One Pound'. I took one to the counter - the shop assistant said, 'Two pounds please. That's Madeira cake'
  1.2 stars

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