Bad Puns - the Worst Puns from Pun of the Day

These are the worst puns as downvoted by visitors to the site.

61. If you give your sweetie pretty flowers will she turn on her flirty powers.
  2.0 stars
Steve - Kansas
62. Lungs are a pair of windbags.
  2.0 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
63. After buying a new pair of denim pants, the young man became very congenial the rest of day.
  2.0 stars
64. The triglyph commented, 'It's friezing in here.'
  2.0 stars
Steve O. - Texas
65. How can you get a drywall plasterer to finish the job? They barely start and then they stop.
  2.0 stars
RJS - New Zealand
66. The swollen blood vessels in her legs were very quarrelsome - she had bellicose veins.
  1.9 stars
kn - st paul, mn
67. Did you hear about the owl that fell for twin comedians and had two wits to woo?
  1.9 stars
Irish Limbo - Auckland
68. Shredded Wheat - a breakfast cereal that used to play guitar solos.
  1.9 stars
HMA - Liverpool
69. To curb wastage of water during showers everyone at the hostel was given a shower cap!
  1.9 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
70. The candle-making machine broke down when someone threw a spanner in the wax.
  1.9 stars
Chege - Nairobi,Kenya

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