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111. The leopard tried creeping up on the tigers using its camouflage but it was spotted.
  4.0 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
112. Did you hear about the nun who procrastinated doing her laundry? She had a filthy habit.
  4.0 stars
Steven - Texas
113. A quarter-acre of undeveloped land may not seem like much to some people, but to me it's a lot.
  4.0 stars
Bob Greenwade - Corvallis, OR
114. Whenever there is an earthquake the geologists are always quick to find fault.
  4.0 stars
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
115. I would tell you a leech joke, but it would suck anyway.
  4.0 stars
116. Jill broke her finger today, but on the other hand she was completely fine.
  4.0 stars
117. Pencils could be made with erasers at both ends, but what would be the point?
  4.0 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Nanuet, NY
118. Some people's noses and feet are built backwards: their feet smell and their noses run.
  3.9 stars
119. John Deere's manure spreader is the only equipment the company won't stand behind.
  3.9 stars
Terry - Omaha, Nebraska
120. My tailor is happy to make a pair of pants for me, or at least sew it seams.
  3.9 stars
Randall Woodman - United States

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