Great One Liners of the Month - November 2017

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1. Taxidermy is a job for stuffy people.
  4.0 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
2. Circling vultures are a dead giveaway.
  4.0 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
3. Money launderers are filthy rich!
  4.0 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
4. The flipside of contagious gum disease is an infectious smile.
  3.9 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
5. Several states were delighted by the solar eclipse.
  3.8 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
6. I would tell you a joke about squirrels, but you would go nuts.
  3.4 stars
7. My sister bought this driving app recently, it kept on crashing.
  3.4 stars
8. A chiropractor is a lumbar jack.
  3.4 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
9. The obstetricians seem to celebrate labor day every day.
  3.2 stars
Ventricular Storms - New Hampshire
10. The doctor told the patient to use a Q-tip. It went in one ear and out the other.
  3.1 stars
Larry Levin - Woodridge IL

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