Examples of Puns - from Pun of the Day

Each example of a pun has been submitted by punsters all over the world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. If you think you can become a punster submit your puns to see if they are funny enough.

1. Accountant is a royal insect.
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
2.2 stars
2. The window company said it was pane full to reduce prices but they want to sill any deal possible. 2.8 stars
3. Family feuds are espoused!!
Sivanandan - Sydney
2.0 stars
4. A surgeon's comments are incisive remarks.
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
3.3 stars
5. The two congressmen disagreed about what sort of pan should be used to cook pancakes. Another example of griddlelock.
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
2.9 stars
6. I really like the music by The Cars, you auto listen to it.
midtenn mike - gallatin, tn
3.3 stars
7. I'm friends with my fist, although he can be quite a knuckle head. 2.6 stars
8. I just looked up the word 'apocalypse' in the dictionary. It was quite a revelation.
Bob Greenwade - Corvallis, OR
3.7 stars
9. There was something going on in the bathroom, but I wasn't privy to the details.
oblongata - pinellas
3.4 stars
10. Once I tried illustrating currency books for a living. I never drew a dime.
Mylin - NJ
2.7 stars
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