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1. I find meditating on Descartes and Houdini so liberating, but the reason escapes me.
Owen - Auckland
2.7 stars
2. When I was starving to death, my children gave me a raisin to keep on living.
Laurence - Woodridge, IL
2.6 stars
3. Married hang man were the best at their job, they knew how to tie the knot.
2.7 stars
4. My friend's bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.
Lola - Salina, KS
4.0 stars
5. Marriage is hard but divorce usually goes off without a hitch.
2.9 stars
6. I tried hard to get into vexillology, but, in the end, had to flag it away.
RJS - New Zealand
2.0 stars
7. Old carpenters never die, they just lumber around.
Bob - Corvallis, OR
3.2 stars
8. The professor's explanation of centripetal force was pretty down-to-earth but her explanation of centrifugal force just blew me away.
Mr. Pennysworth
2.7 stars
9. My dog has a lot of potential, you just have to unleash it. 3.7 stars
10. A curling iron is a permanent solution to a hairy problem.
Mr. Pennysworth
2.7 stars

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