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11. California is the land of earthquakes and suntans or 'shake and bake'.
  3.1 stars
12. The first drinking establishment in Alaska was a polar bar.
  3.1 stars
13. I'll never forget that rainstorm near Los Angeles and how the rain came down in Torrance.
  3.1 stars
JA - Houston
14. Ever since Molly moved to Montana she wanted a shiny new kitchen with chrome on the range.
  3.0 stars
JA - Houston
15. I just got back from my vacation along the northern Oregon coast, and have I got Astoria or two to tell you!
  2.9 stars
Eric - Santa Rosa, CA
16. Fashionable women in Indiana all wear designer Hoosiery.
  2.9 stars
Diane VanHollebeke - Michigan
17. Many people need to learn to be happy with the State they are in.
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18. Juneau Alaska? It's up there next to Canada, Yukon see it on a map, so it's not just an Aleutian.
  2.9 stars
JA - Houston
19. Someone led me to believe that graphite was discovered in Pennsylvania.
  2.7 stars
20. The author in northwest Alaska used a pen name. It was a Nome de plume.
  2.5 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa

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