Puns about The Workplace (On the Job)

Subcategory: On the Job · Sales · Inventions · Services · Manufacturing · Research · Working Outdoors
1. Claustrophobic people are more productive thinking outside the box.
  4.1 stars
novowel - Illinois
2. My friend was fired from his job at the road department for stealing. I have to say I saw it coming. The last time I was at his house all the signs were there.
  4.0 stars
JKM3 - Ohio
3. How do construction workers party? They raise the roof.
  3.7 stars
4. I used to do balance and rotations at an auto shop. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels and decided to retire.
  3.7 stars
Mikey C - Fresno
5. A butcher was trying so hard to be funny, but he just wasn't making the cut.
  3.7 stars
A.C.G - Pennsylvania
6. The man's pants zipper broke, but he fixed it on the fly.
  3.7 stars
The Tim Guy - Over there.
7. Tree trimmers do such a fantastic job, they should take a bough.
  3.6 stars
RB - Norfolk, VA
8. The librarian didn't know what to do with the book about Tesla's love of electricity, so he filed it under 'Current Affairs.'
  3.6 stars
9. After manually rotating the heavy machinery, the worker grew very cranky.
  3.6 stars
Punstigator - Detroit
10. Now that they allow us to wear jeans at the office everyday, I am no longer a slacker.
  3.5 stars
Rick Kelso - Kansas

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