Puns about The Workplace (Sales) - page 3

21. A doorbell salesman joined the choir, and chimed right in.
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22. He hates his job selling used cars, but it's just his lot in life.
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23. He was selling palm trees, but people thought it was a shady deal.
  2.9 stars
24. Before he sold Christmas trees, he got himself spruced up.
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25. At a furniture makers convention there's a lot of round-table and table-top discussions.
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Wordsworth - Watsonville, CA
26. She sold freezers by making cold calls.
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27. After the test drive, the car salesman drove home his point.
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28. What did the mining equipment salesman use as his slogan? 'But wait, there's ore!'
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Hattie - MO, USA
29. Those selling mattresses have a soft sell in the spring.
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30. My attempt at starting a street market turned out to be fruitile.
  2.7 stars
Tiffy - Columbus, OH

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