Puns about The Workplace (Manufacturing) - page 3

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21. I've stopped gluing formica to particle board. It was counterproductive.
  3.5 stars
22. A man at the watchmakers convention made a motion, but it died for lack of a second.
  3.5 stars
23. Dutch shoes used to be made in a factory machine, until it got clogged up.
  3.4 stars
Micky Pants - Wales
24. The lumber company downsized. They got rid of the deadwood.
  3.4 stars
The Pundit Dunit - Blairsville,PA
25. Bauxite refining is a secret carefully guarded by the aluminati.
  3.3 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
26. Business at the candle factory tapered off after the holidays.
  3.3 stars
Adele - Bohemia, NY
27. I didn't know which hammer to get, but I think I nailed it.
  3.2 stars
28. My grandfather manufactured waistcoats - you might say he had a vested interest.
  3.2 stars
29. My wife kept insisting I do macrame. Finally I shouted, 'Knot again!'
  3.1 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
30. Workers in an upholstery business demanded a wage hike to cushion the high cost of living.
  3.1 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney

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