Puns about The Workplace (Working Outdoors) - page 3

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21. That soil scientist always travels by himself. He's a loam ranger.
  3.2 stars
Stephish - MN
22. Did you hear about the farmer who got attacked by a cow? He milked it for all it was worth.
  3.2 stars
Jai Minton - Australia
23. The fruit farmer was plum happy he pruned his orchard last fall.
  3.1 stars
24. The woodcutter stretched every morning before starting work. He was a limberjack.
  3.1 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
25. There was an overflow audience at the new dam dedication.
  3.1 stars
Carpun Diem - Houston, Texas
26. Why did the agricultural presentation go so smoothly? They planted questions.
  3.0 stars
27. The misdirected astronaut wasn't exactly over the moon.
  3.0 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
28. My brother is a logger, the job can get pretty dangerous. He hasn't had an injury yet though, knock on wood.
  2.9 stars
Brandon B - Canada
29. The rose gardener pedaled feverishly to the market last week to sell his flowers before they became a thorn in his side.
  2.9 stars
30. Santa came down with the flue.
  2.8 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY

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