Puns about The Workplace (Working Outdoors) - page 4

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31. After a berry successful attempt to produce a new line of crops, her dreams came to full fruition.
  2.7 stars
Punstigator - Detroit
32. A tree arborist felt needled when asked to branch out and be limber while trimming pine forest last week.
  2.7 stars
33. If I study to become a roofing expert in the future, will I be preparing for the here rafter?
  2.7 stars
Heidi 64 - DERBY, UK
34. After going litter picking I found I was very knowledgeable in litterature.
  2.7 stars
35. The fruit farmer is berry competitive in his field.
  2.7 stars
Wordsworth - Castroville, CA
36. The ex-lumberjack will be sawly missed.
  2.6 stars
37. After threading together a fishing net the angler felt mesh better about himself.
  2.5 stars
38. Garbage collectors are rubbish drivers!
  2.5 stars
Hart of Glass - Cambourne UK
39. The fraudulent caged chicken farmer gave himself free range with his egg labeling.
  2.4 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
40. Getting this job managing a country estate has put me off fried eggs. I'm a gamekeeper turned poacher.
  2.4 stars
Andy - Leeds, UK

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