Puns about Nature (Plants) - page 5

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41. A gardener's work is a bed of roses.
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42. Vines are extremely short-tempered. They snap at the slightest wind.
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Andreas G. - Athens, Greece
43. The garden club visited the nursery and found themselves in a hosta environment.
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44. The Environmental Committee held a meeting on Saturday. They decided that we need to cut down on deforestation.
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PunMaster10 - Qatar
45. Some overreaching fungi lichen themselves to algae.
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Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
46. Grass always grows up.
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47. What did the tree say to the bush? That's vine with me.
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48. I forgot the French for strawberry, so I looked it up in a fraise book.
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Will Testament - Hemel Hempstead
49. I take pictures of trees and plants while the sun is out. It really emphasizes photosynthesis.
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50. I like vegetables, but my friend doesn't carrot call.
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