Puns about Transport (On the Rails)

Subcategory: In the Air · On the Sea · On the Rails · On the Road · Away from Home
1. How do trains drink? They chug.
  3.9 stars
2. Puns about monorails always make for decent one-liners.
  3.7 stars
3. Those who steal trains must have a loco-motive.
  3.7 stars
4. When the train conductor got unfairly railroaded by his boss, his life immediately began going down the wrong track.
  3.6 stars
Randy - Ohio
5. A railroad engineer must be sure not to lose his train of thought or he might go down the wrong track.
  3.5 stars
6. The railway had a safety problem, but tried to cover its tracks.
  3.4 stars
7. First time hunters were arguing over which kind of animal tracks they had found when they were hit by a train.
  3.4 stars
8. What do you call the ticket inspector on a maglev train? A superconductor.
  3.2 stars
9. A fired newspaper editor took an ex-press train out of town.
  3.1 stars
10. When Einstein rode home on a locomotive it was a good train of thought.
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