Puns about Transport (On the Rails) - page 2

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11. On the old trains the engineer had a lot of esteem.
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12. When Einstein rode home on a locomotive it was a good train of thought.
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13. How do you find a missing train? Follow the tracks.
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14. If you drive a train, you can't afford to lose track.
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15. If you walk along a railroad track you may soon feel run down.
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16. One can-tanker-ous train railed another, asking, "What are you a-freight of?"
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17. The conductor lost his train of thought when the caboose derailed.
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18. The railway constructions are on track.
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19. The special section reserved in the train for Julius was a Cesarean Berth.
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Chuck - Mumbai
20. Every so often railroad conductors have to go for retraining.
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