Puns about Transport (On the Road)

Subcategory: In the Air · On the Sea · On the Rails · On the Road · Away from Home
1. What did the man say when the bridge fell on him. The suspension is killing me.
A.R Whear - Oxford New Zealand
4.0 stars
2. When the musician got in a car accident, his guitar was destroyed. The accident was a Fender bender.
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
3.8 stars
3. I heard the new auto body shop that opened comes highly wreck-a-mended.
Samantha - New York State
3.8 stars
4. Drivers who speed in the snow often find themselves adrift. 3.5 stars
5. Ever since my mineral extraction facility was converted to parking, I've had a lot on my mine.
Mitch - St. Paul, MN
3.5 stars
6. I don't know how to put on a helmet - the whole idea goes right over my head. 3.4 stars
7. My friend and I are going to ride our bikes to a house party because I don't think we could handle bars.
Emily - Minneapolis
3.4 stars
8. He reminded me the speed limit was 60, but I didn't understand, he was speaking a mile a minute.
riahl - mn
3.4 stars
9. The environmentalist rode his bike 20 miles in the morning and 20 more in the evening. He loved recycling.
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
3.3 stars
10. John Deere has just released its most powerful tractor yet. It is the torque of the town.
RJS - New Zealand
3.3 stars

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