Puns about Food (Coffee)

1. The coffee tasted like mud because it was ground a couple of minutes ago.
Eighty - Winchester
3.8 stars
2. Stealing someone's coffee is called 'mugging'. 3.8 stars
3. Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems. 3.8 stars
4. When he spilled coffee on her shirt she showed him dis-stain. 3.2 stars
5. Coffee has bean the grounds of many a heated and strong discussion. 3.2 stars
6. Snakes don't drink coffee because it makes them viperactive. 3.2 stars
7. Why are Italians so good at making coffee? Because they really know how to espresso themselves.
L_DTemp3 - Sunny Sutton
3.1 stars
8. Does a coffee shop have the grounds to operate in the black? 3.0 stars
9. The coffee around here is break fluid. 3.0 stars
10. Ice cold coffee? Cool beans!
Bob Greenwade - Corvallis, OR
3.0 stars

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