Puns about Food (Drinks) - page 3

21. The frog went unnoticed in the milkshake because it blended so well.
  3.1 stars
22. When I went to the International Club, I accidentally spilled coffee on a Hindu lady's dress. I told her I was very sari.
  3.0 stars
Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
23. I couldn't decide whether or not to make spiced apple cider, so I mulled it over.
  3.0 stars
Adele - Bohemia, NY
24. She told me the drink was non-alcoholic, but where was the proof?
  3.0 stars
25. Set your drink on a skateboard, they make good coasters.
  3.0 stars
Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country
26. Heavy drinkers put the quart before the hearse.
  3.0 stars
27. He drank so much at 16 years old that they called him a juvenile deliquid.
  2.9 stars
28. We've missed our favorite tea at the Chinese restaurant where we often dine, but we've been getting oolong.
  2.9 stars
JA - Houston
29. When the pint overflowed for a second time, it was subpoenaed for a quart date.
  2.8 stars
Dr. Pun - TX
30. Those who like sugar in their tea are willing to take their lumps.
  2.8 stars

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