Puns about Food (Kinds of Food) - page 5

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41. You can't lose picking a sherbet for dessert.
  2.3 stars
Carpun Diem - Houston, Texas
42. The gourmet diner after consuming several plates of fish eggs, developed a caviar attitude about appetizers.
  2.3 stars
43. In attempting to cook Japanese food, I bento ver backwards learning proper technique.
  2.3 stars
Toycoon - Skokie
44. The hamburgers had so little beef that even a microscopic tektite would be a little meteor.
  2.2 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
45. I need to drive to the shop to buy some ingredients for my guacamole but I don't avocado.
  2.1 stars
Jord - Byron Bay
46. Shredded Wheat - a breakfast cereal that used to play guitar solos.
  1.9 stars
HMA - Liverpool
47. The worker at Cape Canaveral wanted to make a sandwich, so he went to the deli to buy some launchin' meat.
  1.9 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
48. Emergency crews responded to an accident involving an Ethiopian bread truck. There were multiple injeras.
  1.8 stars
49. Vampires snack between meals on lentils because they are so into pulses.
  1.8 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
50. If you're being bothered by a profiterole, all you have to do is choux it away.
  1.7 stars
Scrabble817 - Woking, England

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