Puns about Food (Misc. Food Puns) - page 2

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11. My mom ran out of poultry seasoning so she winged it.
  3.4 stars
12. Where do baby spoons come from? The spork delivers them.
  3.4 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
13. Did you hear the one about the woman who threw her toaster away because it kept burning the bread? She was black toast intolerant.
  3.4 stars
14. The British cannibal enjoyed snacking on fish and chaps.
  3.4 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
15. I tried to finish the leftovers, but ... foiled again.
  3.3 stars
Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country
16. Yesterday my fridge thought it was a microwave, so we got into a heated fight. But we're cool now.
  3.3 stars
17. My wife uses a kitchen implement to shred garlic and parmesan cheese, which I hate. It really is the grater of two evils.
  3.3 stars
RJS - New Zealand
18. In order to have a successful luau, you have to go whole hog!
  3.3 stars
Bob Bryson - Oakley, CA
19. There was a sale at the fish market today. I went to see what was the catch.
  3.2 stars
Punitended - Singapore
20. I have invented crockery that comes to me when I whistle. My cup runneth over.
  3.2 stars
Phil - London

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