Puns about Health (Doctors) - page 3

21. The doctor blood-tested secretarial candidates before hiring to eliminate type-O's.
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22. Two surgeons had a heart to heart.
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23. The doctor couldn't transfer the organs because he didn't have the guts to do it.
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24. What part of the United States produces the largest number of cardiologists? The heartland.
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Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
25. The most popular operation for orthopaedic surgeons is upper-leg surgery: very hip.
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RJS - New Zealand
26. The doctor told the patient to use a Q-tip. It went in one ear and out the other.
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Larry Levin - Woodridge IL
27. Dorothy's medical instructor was the Wizard of Gauze.
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28. Aspiring physicians go to college and get indoctorinated.
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29. The charges of the otolaryngologist was exorbitant, I had to pay through the nose!
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Sivanandan - Sydney
30. When a doctor got a bad cut the nurse said 'suture self'.
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