Puns about Health (Doctors) - page 4

31. When a doctor got a bad cut the nurse said 'suture self'.
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32. What do you call a doctor who treats retired soldiers? A veteran-arian.
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33. Do podiatrists ever use toe trucks? I know one that charges by the foot.
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34. As a surgeon he was famous for his short cuts.
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35. An offer of a free lunch was not enough to entice Freud to make a presentation at a Behaviourist Convention. He explained, 'There was nothing on the menu that was oedipal.'
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Peter - Vancouver, Canada
36. His surgeon wanted to give him a free lobotomy saying, "think nothing of it".
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37. Doctors take pains to prescribe relief.
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38. Dr. Heimlich manoeuvred through the traffic choke-point near San Juan Capistrano and waited expectantly for a swallow.
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JA - Houston
39. It's a cut-throat world working in the otolaryngologist's office.
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Grant - North Carolina
40. The doctor said it was an infected organ that was causing my bach-ache.
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