Puns about Business (Buying and Selling) - page 3

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21. No-fault insurance does not cover earthquakes.
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22. If you buy the same sound system as everyone else you are a stereo-type.
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23. Fashion is something that goes in one era and out the other.
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24. He marketed his hula-hoop internationally because it was whirled wide.
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Word Wizard - Syracuse, NY
25. If you want to live in a small apartment, you should look for a condominimum.
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Dr. Pun - Texas
26. She was so thrifty she could smell a bargain a mall away.
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27. Strippers are bad investors as they tend to lose their shirts.
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28. Used shoes can be re-soled.
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29. In parking lots, arguments often start from scratch.
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30. Those who sell scales in shady deals don't want to give anything a weigh.
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