Puns about Business (Buying and Selling) - page 4

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31. Big spenders have a whole lot of purse-onality.
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Jennifer - Orlando, Hurricane-Florida
32. Cashiers really know how to take charge.
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33. When tires are up it's due to inflation.
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34. For the woman who wore size 13, finding shoes that fit was no small feat.
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35. To find bargains go where the auction is.
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36. Did you hear about the tire dealer that had a blowout sale?
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37. I saw gasoline selling for one dollar a gallon, but then I saw that March had just ended. It was an April fuel's joke.
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Bob - Corvallis, OR
38. Selling gasoline too cheaply would be fuelish.
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39. He was trying to sell me new windows, but his motivations were transparent.
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40. After he bought a mirror he became very reflective.
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