Puns about Business (Trading and Currency) - page 4

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31. Financial advisers are paid to be right on the money.
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32. What investors have to lose weight? Stocky brokers.
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33. In the stock market mining hit rock bottom while cows steered into a bull market.
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34. How do I handle change? I put it in the parking meter.
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Mike L. - Milwaukee, WI
35. People who work at a mint make a lot of money.
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36. Did you hear about the Two Wall Street financial hot dogs that got on a roll?
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37. The IRS visited the bronze maker and got down to brass tax.
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38. A rock band set up on the exchange floor. They wanted to play the stock market.
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39. When the rubber market bounced, it was latex news.
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Sivanandan - Sydney
40. How does an investor get clean socks? He goes to the stock exchange.
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