Puns about Business (Banking and Finance) - page 3

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21. The sum total of our national debt is some total.
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22. When the CEO dropped his brownie on the calculator, was he trying to fudge the numbers?
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reif - hawaii
23. The IRS left a message on my cell phone that I owed them more money. It was a taxed message.
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SGT Snorkel - Iowa
24. What you can buy for a dollar these days is absolute noncents.
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25. A bank manager who was also a high jumper spent most of his time in the vault.
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26. Unable to get help with my refinancing made me a loan wolf.
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27. The bank's clients went belly-up due to phishing operations.
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Iroana - Romania
28. Old bankers never die, they just pass the buck.
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29. Do you need to draw money? I could offer you a pencil.
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Sharmaine - Singapore
30. A flat rate is the monthly rent for an apartment.
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Adele - Bohemia, NY

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