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21. I drove around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on my John Deere. I was on a track tour.
  3.2 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
22. A novice skier often jumps to contusions.
  3.1 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
23. The sledder who got injured realized that his wounds were more than he tobogganed for.
  3.1 stars
Tommy - Oregon
24. Eastern European gymnast electrocuted in Pole Volt.
  3.1 stars
HMA - Liverpool
25. I was upset with my wall climbing abilities, I just couldn't seem to get a grip.
  3.1 stars
26. I was overruled at the measuring competition.
  3.0 stars
27. The athlete claimed he long jumped over 25 feet. Actually his best jump only measured 23 feet. This was a clear case of leap fraud.
  3.0 stars
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
28. I've never killed a deer before but I'll take a shot at it.
  3.0 stars
Jeremy Weatherford - United States
29. A few boxers were standing in a line. That's the punch line!
  2.9 stars
30. Of all sports humor, football is my favorite. I get a kick out of the punts.
  2.9 stars

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