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11. I collect vintage time pieces. When I see one I like at online auction, I put it on my watch list.
  3.7 stars
Toycoon - Skokie
12. Oops, I jumped into the pool with my watch on. I don't know if it is waterproof or not. I guess only time will tell.
  3.7 stars
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
13. Teaching your slinky new tricks is like spring training.
  3.7 stars
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
14. Some people say I'm addicted to summersaults, but that's just how I roll.
  3.7 stars
Esther - Michigan, US
15. The museum curator was brilliant at judging sculptures and paintings. He displayed art official intelligence.
  3.7 stars
Fuzzy - Lexington, NC
16. People who take a lot of selfies are just trying to save face.
  3.6 stars
Earle - Fort Collins, CO
17. I lost my rare deck of Tarot cards. I was sad. They cost me a fortune.
  3.6 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
18. Hanging out with skyscraper builders is so boring! It's story after story.
  3.5 stars
Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country
19. I read this book about Mount Everest. It was quite the cliff hanger.
  3.5 stars
20. When I took first place in the sewing competition, I thought that I had better quilt while I was ahead.
  3.4 stars
midtenn mike - gallatin, tn

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