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11. Eve showed up one morning wearing flowers instead of a fig leaf. She was the first woman to wear bloomers.
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SGT Snorkel - Iowa
12. When the church relocated it had an organ transplant.
  3.6 stars
Joseph Leff - Florida
13. Some cardinals got their feathers ruffled when the pope gave away the church's nest egg to the poor.
  3.6 stars
Randy - Defiance, OH
14. Abstinence leaves a lot to be desired.
  3.6 stars
Irish Limbo - Auckland
15. The church insisted on a new seminary graduate. They were looking for greener pastors.
  3.5 stars
16. Did you hear about the nervous preacher? He had sweaty psalms.
  3.5 stars
B.fitz - Edmonton
17. I once considered becoming a monk when I was young but I was cloisterphobic.
  3.5 stars
Guid - Minden, NV
18. Qwertyus, god of keyboards, is a character from geek mythology.
  3.4 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
19. The church choir robes were too long and needed to be hymned.
  3.4 stars
Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
20. Don't justify sin, just defy sin.
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