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Listing puns for Carpun Diem

1. The baker had only half the flour he needed so he decided to make short bread. 3.7 stars
2. Something about subtraction just doesn't add up. 4.1 stars
3. The gunslinger woke up in the drunk tank, locked and loaded. 2.8 stars
4. Eager for some bargains, she was itching to get to the flea market. 4.0 stars
5. You can't lose picking a sherbet for dessert. 2.3 stars
6. Puppies learn how to behave by following a strict dogma. 3.3 stars
7. On land crabs tend to use the sidewalk. 3.8 stars
8. The blacksmith wasn't making much money but he forged ahead anyway. 3.6 stars
9. Once the pilot started lying about his flying, he went into a tale spin. 3.3 stars
10. He crashed while rowing his boat and suffered a broken scull. 3.5 stars
11. The preacher annotated his hymn book making it a guided missal. 3.1 stars
12. Watching a fishbowl is right up my alley. 2.5 stars
13. There was an overflow audience at the new dam dedication. 3.1 stars
14. The way he fawned over her was quite endearing. 3.4 stars
15. Corporal Morel, always the life of the party, was a fun GI. 2.2 stars
16. After three days of fishing, the musician hoped he would catch a bassoon. 3.7 stars
17. The Balloon family name died off when it ran out of heir. 3.9 stars
18. Ralph was kicked off the skydiving team because he couldn't chute straight. 3.1 stars
19. You can raze a tree with a lumber jack. 2.8 stars