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1. Shredded Wheat - a breakfast cereal that used to play guitar solos. 2.0 stars
2. Using a prism allows me to see the sun in a different light. 3.4 stars
3. The hardcore happy house dance club opened to rave reviews. 2.2 stars
4. All births are an Emergency. 2.4 stars
5. Broken puppets for sale. No strings attached. 3.9 stars
6. Eastern European gymnast electrocuted in Pole Volt. 3.1 stars
7. I don't like tops of stairs. They always bring me down. 3.7 stars
8. Lazy people worship a bone idol. 2.0 stars
9. If a Monk throws a hissy fit, is it a temple tantrum? 3.2 stars
10. How does a Welsh man eat cheese? Caerphilly. 2.8 stars
11. Two geologists were staring at a huge fissure in a cliff face and one was overheard to say 'It's not my fault'. 3.6 stars
12. They said he drank 2 bottles of whisky a day, but it wasn't true. He had to scotch those rumours right away. 2.7 stars
13. You should always use basil the day you buy it - as they say, herb today, gone tomorrow. 2.3 stars
14. The author wasn't pleased to see a review of his book on cappuccino's. It said it was all froth and no substance. 2.8 stars
15. Did you hear about the herb who was an all round great guy, did loads of charity work and was always there to help? He was a Tarragon Of Virtue. 2.3 stars