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1. A seal has a ball at the circus. 2.7 stars
2. Oncology is the study of car horns. 1.6 stars
3. Lungs are a pair of windbags. 2.0 stars
4. Seamstress is caused by wearing tight clothing. 3.3 stars
5. An angry skunk reeks his vengeance. 3.5 stars
6. A red blood count is a communist vampire. 2.7 stars
7. Santa came down with the flue. 2.8 stars
8. Australian beer-brewers use kangaroo hops. 2.8 stars
9. Deciding what Christmas gifts to give makes one present tense. 3.1 stars
10. A contest between church choirs is the battle of the choral see. 2.3 stars
11. Driving while using a cell phone is veer-inspiring. 1.5 stars
12. Sainthood is a gangster who truly repented. 2.3 stars
13. An umbilical cord is a navel vessel. 3.2 stars
14. A golf course is a foreground. 2.6 stars
15. A dermatologist is a flesh man. 1.6 stars
16. Bookkeepers are problems for libraries. 3.1 stars
17. Labyrinths are amazing. 3.3 stars
18. Marie was curious about radium. 1.7 stars
19. Religious vultures prey for their food. 3.3 stars
20. High school grammar books are parse for the course. 2.0 stars
21. A butter is an angry goat. 2.5 stars
22. Bring about is what a boxing promoter does. 2.4 stars
23. Spoilsport is the harbor where booty is shipped in. 2.0 stars
24. A funny criminal is a silicon. 3.1 stars
25. A novice skier often jumps to contusions. 3.1 stars
26. Crosswords are what you hear when you distract someone working on a puzzle. 3.4 stars
27. A taxidermist specializes in skin for cabs. 1.7 stars
28. Attire goes on a wheel. 2.7 stars
29. When a female sheep turns around and goes the other way it makes a ewe turn. 3.9 stars
30. A synthesis is an essay about transgressions. 1.8 stars
31. Valentine's Day is pure cupidity. 2.3 stars
32. A TV repairman's job is to get set to work. 2.1 stars
33. To vulcanize is to become like Spock. 1.9 stars
34. You use a lumberjack when your tree is flat. 2.7 stars
35. Tire stores are highway rubbery. 3.0 stars
36. When the gastroenterologist retired, he threw in the bowel. 2.7 stars
37. Some Missouri home designers are Ozark-itects. 1.9 stars
38. A locksmith is a key employee. 3.8 stars
39. Labor contracts come just before childbirth. 2.6 stars
40. A sewer is a tailor. 1.5 stars
41. Lamp factories have light workloads. 3.6 stars
42. CPR is a near-breath experience. 3.0 stars
43. Accountant is a royal insect. 2.4 stars
44. A surgeon's comments are incisive remarks. 3.3 stars
45. Iamb a poet. 2.4 stars
46. Carrot is auto rust. 1.6 stars
47. Vampires use must use mouthwash because they have bat breath. 2.7 stars
48. Resale means to go yachting again. 1.9 stars
49. The purpose of the IT Service Department is to be a customer-server. 2.0 stars
50. Overworked physicists put too many ions in the fire. 3.3 stars
51. 'We've got the best marriage' is a hitching boast. 1.9 stars
52. Seesaw is how you find a woodcutter. 1.8 stars
53. Doctors send patients to pool halls to find remarkable cuers. 2.3 stars
54. A sports coat worn on a hike is a trailblazer. 3.7 stars
55. Sailing is like oil drilling because they're both crewed businesses. 3.0 stars
56. Ash Wednesday follows Volcanic Tuesday. 2.7 stars
57. A Valentine's Day card is a hearty note. 2.6 stars
58. Art theft is a haul of frames. 3.1 stars
59. Eating oysters can help you increase your mussel tone. 3.6 stars
60. A hurricane is a stick used to encourage speed. 2.7 stars
61. A ship's captain is a sails manager. 3.4 stars
62. Parking - an average sovereign. 2.3 stars
63. The third degree is a diploma for successful criminals. 2.8 stars
64. An egg pulls a cart with a yolk. 2.4 stars
65. A yak is the star of an animal talk show. 2.9 stars
66. A mosquito is the oldest known skin-diver. 3.0 stars
67. The home for rich squirrels is The Nutcracker Suite. 3.5 stars
68. An avionics warning is a flier alarm. 2.7 stars
69. Digest is morbid humor. 1.8 stars
70. An embrace at a nudist colony is a bare hug. 3.4 stars
71. An instructor at an ice cream parlor is a sundae school teacher. 3.6 stars
72. People who listen to long political speeches are bulldozers. 3.3 stars
73. When the Aztec warrior was about to be punished severely, he was so sad he was disheartened. 2.8 stars
74. A weeknight is a tiny nobleman. 2.7 stars
75. Some doting parents are son worshipers. 2.8 stars
76. A summer is a mathematician. 2.5 stars
77. When the town removed billboards, they told people that's how it was designed. 2.8 stars
78. When a woman returns new clothing, that's post traumatic dress syndrome. 3.2 stars
79. A cannonball is a party for artillerymen. 3.2 stars
80. The land where movies are made is called reel estate. 3.1 stars
81. Surprises is the knight in charge of awards. 2.3 stars
82. 'Because' is a word to the whys. 3.5 stars
83. A no-fly zone prohibits zippers. 3.4 stars
84. Rental agents offer quarters for dollars. 3.5 stars
85. A harp that was shaved is a bare-faced lyre. 2.9 stars
86. A shotgun is an exhausted rifle. 2.6 stars
87. Historians have extra-century perception. 3.7 stars
88. Was Noel Coward afraid of traditional Christmas music? 2.9 stars
89. Cows make noise only when they're in the mood. 3.2 stars
90. Short-order cooks in busy restaurants call themselves 'pressure cookers'. 3.2 stars
91. The patient decided against an organ transplant. Instead, he changed his mind. 3.3 stars
92. When the head of the consulting team suggested that the canal around the castle be filled up with cement, he was demoted. 3.8 stars
93. A glide-path is a soar spot. 3.0 stars
94. A funeral ship is a sea hearse. 3.1 stars
95. The word 'ovine' means just like ewe. 2.9 stars
96. People who teach drivers' education are roads scholars. 3.4 stars
97. With Iowa crows swearing all over the places, the result was statewide caw cusses. 3.4 stars
98. The hoarfrost that forms on a daycare center's windows is called nursery rime. 3.0 stars
99. Dental care in Panama is called a route canal. 3.4 stars
100. The people who are predicting when all time will halt are known as endochronologists. 3.0 stars
101. The chiropractic author wrote a spinal column. 3.1 stars
102. When the church relocated it had an organ transplant. 3.6 stars
103. The place to trade dresses is called a frock exchange. 2.7 stars
104. A crow is a four-letter bird. 2.5 stars
105. Mathematicians are sum worshippers. 3.1 stars
106. A trick-or-treat route is a fright path. 2.4 stars
107. The fastest, most efficient way to make Halloween costumes is mask production. 3.0 stars
108. The cheap hotel was really a violin. 1.9 stars
109. Optometrists live long because they dilate. 3.7 stars