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1. My horse was on the small side, so I decided to make him larger. I used a broncodilator. 2.1 stars
2. When a shipment of large fruit was delivered by boat to the warehouse, it was the first water mailin'. 2.2 stars
3. William Tell and his family used to be league bowlers - but now that the records have been lost, it is difficult to determine for whom the Tells bowled. 3.8 stars
4. I told my wife that it was her turn to shovel and salt the front steps. All I got was icy stares. 4.0 stars
5. What do dogs do after they finish obedience school? They get their masters. 4.0 stars
6. In very large sponge colonies in the ocean, there's a soaker born every minute. 2.5 stars
7. Mail order cows were first shipped by raft down the Mississippi River. They traveled on cattle logs. 3.2 stars
8. After the first hamburger press was made and became very successful, the inventor got a patty on the back. 2.6 stars
9. Tree trimmers do such a fantastic job, they should take a bough. 3.6 stars
10. I went to my doctor and told the receptionist that I felt like a deck of cards. She said, 'Have a seat, and the doctor will deal with you when he can.' 3.3 stars
11. A friend of mine found out he has the bird flu. He thinks he was a victim of fowl plague. 3.6 stars
12. I don't mind kids playing hopscotch in most places, but my driveway is where I draw the line. 3.9 stars
13. My daughter asked me if I was having fun doing the laundry. I replied, 'Loads.' 3.9 stars
14. Just after thimbles were invented there was a shortage, so many people got stuck without one. 3.4 stars
15. A Hall of Fame recently opened to honor outstanding female soldiers. It was a WAC's Museum. 3.6 stars
16. My neighbor just got the part for Scrooge in a local performance. I'd love to go see him, but that play scares the Dickens out of me. 3.7 stars
17. I wanted to lose weight so I went to the paint store. I heard I could get thinner there. 3.7 stars
18. The state police highway officer worked tirelessly in the heavy rain to assist a lady whose car was stuck in a ditch. He was a real trooper. 2.7 stars
19. I know a rancher who has 100 head of cattle, but he thought there were only 99 until he rounded them up. 3.6 stars