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Listing puns for Sivanandan

1. Some head hunters resort to skulduggery. 1.9 stars
2. I slept like a log whilst on night duty and I was axed when I woke up. 2.7 stars
3. Great batsmen in cricket retire because they can't push their boundaries further in their field! 2.9 stars
4. Money launderers are filthy rich! 3.9 stars
5. Old-flames are rekindled by a burning desire! 3.2 stars
6. Moonshine is distilled in the still of the night to escape detection? 2.5 stars
7. To the artificial rainmakers every cloud has a silver iodide lining! 2.2 stars
8. Cost of living balloons due to high inflation! 3.5 stars
9. The first Hangman to switch to electricity from the traditional cord was a good conductor, with an alternate code of conduct! 2.2 stars
10. When the Park Warden spotted a Dalmatian off the leash, the owner received a spot fine! 2.2 stars
11. I was really on fire when I got my third degree! 3.8 stars
12. When applicant numbers to follow optometry were low, the School authorities decided to re-advertise, to dilate the pupils! 2.2 stars
13. Old artists never retire they withdraw! 3.2 stars
14. Husbands wedded to shopaholic wives face severe economic downtown turns! 1.5 stars
15. Ghost-writers lift the spirit of the readers. 3.4 stars
16. A Lift Attendant is usually a level-headed guy! 2.9 stars
17. Crucifixion is done after cross examination! 3.1 stars
18. There is no point in going to an acupuncturist, if you don't pin your hopes on him for full recovery. 3.0 stars
19. At all stages Shakespeare was a playful character! 2.5 stars
20. The successive president of the local Climate Changes Committee was the carbon copy of his predecessor. 2.7 stars
21. Some undercover operatives are given blanket approvals! 3.0 stars
22. Guys who drive in retractable convertibles with remote control often hoodwink others! 1.6 stars
23. In a family 'Coffee Business' intake of outsiders is a filtered process to prevent spilling the beans! 3.0 stars
24. The rise of the orthopedic doctor depends on the fall of the patients! 3.4 stars
25. Price of top of the range range-hoods goes through the roof!! 2.2 stars
26. In tensed tennis duels where temper teeters, some losers fly off the handle! 2.5 stars
27. The Board of Directors of the Brewery prepared their first draft before commencement! 2.7 stars
28. The chandelier manufacturer involved in shady deals came to the spotlight. 2.7 stars
29. Land surveyors do not retire they scale down and plan their final plot before they get landed into it! 2.0 stars
30. To curb wastage of water during showers everyone at the hostel was given a shower cap! 1.9 stars
31. The thought of becoming a gymnast springs in my mind however much I suppress it! 2.4 stars
32. A phishing hacker was hooked on line by cops! 2.9 stars
33. Family feuds are espoused!! 2.0 stars
34. A hangman has a cord of conduct! 2.5 stars
35. A pig pen is filled with pink pigments and oink! 2.0 stars
36. The champion ballet dancer watched his feat in the video footage! 2.3 stars
37. Abrupt appearance of sinkholes is ground breaking news for media men! 2.8 stars
38. Poultry farmers lay-off old layers to set off paltry income! 1.7 stars
39. In political landscapes the mudslinging precedes the landslides! 2.9 stars
40. The self-styled pig-farmer charged for cruelty in court of law penned a swine statement that hamstrung the prosecution. 2.2 stars
41. Body language is self explanatory! 2.8 stars
42. To me the prognosis of the proctologist was the beginning of the end! 3.2 stars
43. A carburetor specialist had manifold advantages to better his career! 2.4 stars
44. Money laundering is a dirty trade for a clean profit! 2.8 stars
45. Fifth columnists of the fourth estate rated third grade, play a second fiddle to conspirators with their first-hand information! 2.1 stars
46. The second hand clock shop had to wind up business as time ran out! 3.0 stars
47. If you can't differentiate a blue collar and white collar worker by his hands, it is callous indifference. 3.2 stars
48. The very cause for varicose veins for cops on beat duty at traffic intersections is 'Standing Orders'. 2.0 stars
49. To the flat dwellers finding a level playing field was a complex issue! 2.7 stars
50. Tubeless is a product of tireless effort! 3.0 stars
51. A plumber's pipe dream was to tap all his resources to become multifauceted. 3.6 stars
52. Textile workers who lived at the manufacturing site in fabricated dwellings were closely knitted. 3.0 stars
53. Is the training given to expectant parents apparenticeship? 2.2 stars
54. Workers in an upholstery business demanded a wage hike to cushion the high cost of living. 3.1 stars
55. When the rubber market bounced, it was latex news. 2.6 stars
56. When my granddaughter lost her baby molar she was demolarised and brushed the tooth fairy claim. 2.3 stars
57. A tennis exponent always has a gut feeling beforehand that he will beat his opponent. 2.3 stars
58. Vertical living is flat dwelling. 2.2 stars
59. Cash cows control bull market stocks! 2.8 stars
60. To me the end result of a can-do attitude is positively candid. 3.6 stars
61. A pun spun with a good yarn gets fabricated! 3.3 stars
62. Dentists on death fill their last cavity. 2.2 stars
63. Podiatrists like legumes and tomatoes! 2.2 stars
64. Issue of first day cover almost ended in a stampede. 2.4 stars
65. Masks have no face value! 3.3 stars
66. The charges of the otolaryngologist was exorbitant, I had to pay through the nose! 3.1 stars
67. Tube tyres are not a patch on tubeless ones! 1.7 stars
68. When the lumber baron was unable to log in, his business ended in a forced shut down! 2.6 stars
69. Synchronization of gears in modern bicycles is cognitively demanding. 2.6 stars
70. Epitaphs are engraved! 2.4 stars