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1. Harry and Clem the carpenters, argued mightily on how best to complete the dinette set they were working on. They finally agreed to table the discussion. 2.6 stars
2. Any golfer will tell you the gospel truth. Your next shot always depends on the lie. 2.9 stars
3. Sign on the door of an internet hacker. 'Gone Phishing'. 3.7 stars
4. My buddy asked me to look after his pet goose while he was away. I told him I wasn't down with that. 2.6 stars
5. I keep falling off my bike, but I just get right back on it and ride. I'm a firm believer in re-cycling. 3.5 stars
6. I accidentally left my vacuum cleaner running all night. I guess you could say it was an overnight suck excess. 2.7 stars
7. Even the best bird dog is only good to a point. 3.2 stars
8. I like to stay current with the electrifying adventures of Sherlock ohms. 3.5 stars