Great One Liners of the Month - February 1998

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Current Positions for February 1998

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1. Ancient orators tended to Babylon.
  3.6 stars
2. Don't disturb anyone working on a puzzle or you may get some cross words.
  3.3 stars
3. People working in a feed mill are not interested in getting feedback.
  3.2 stars
4. When fabric softener was invented it made people ex-static.
  3.1 stars
5. The old doctors practice of bloodletting was all in vein.
  3.1 stars
6. A bad shoemaker's assistant was given the boot.
  3.1 stars
7. Hotel maids are experts with spread sheets.
  3.0 stars
8. Selling coffee has its perks for those who have bean so lucky.
  2.9 stars
9. Politicians like tall buildings because they seek high offices.
  2.9 stars
10. If you are coughing in the cold for too long you could wind up in a cold coffin.
  2.9 stars

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