Great One Liners of the Month - April 2000

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1. A criminal's best asset is his lie ability.
  3.8 stars
2. Unborn twins are womb-mates.
  3.6 stars
3. What keeps a dock floating above water? Pier pressure.
  3.5 stars
4. Two podiatrists became arch rivals.
  3.5 stars
5. Before a plumber retired, he took the final plunge.
  3.2 stars
6. An author who wrote from his basement had a best cellar.
  3.2 stars
7. You don't gain wait by the minutes at the dinner table - but the seconds.
  3.2 stars
8. When two bakers traded buns they had a roll reversal.
  3.1 stars
9. Cowboys have consider-a-bull talent.
  3.1 stars
10. Having children is a heir raising experience.
  3.1 stars

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