Bad Puns - the Worst Puns from Pun of the Day

These are the worst puns as downvoted by visitors to the site.

21. Henry the VIII portrayed the monarchy badly. This gave birth to the concept of the 'royalty-free image'.
  2.0 stars
Arun - Bangalore
22. Does Santa take his sleigh to his magic class or does he take a luge in?
  2.0 stars
Irish Limbo - Auckland
23. An undercover doctor gave his operation a code name of LIVER.
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24. Why did the cow get put down? Because she was Pasteur best!
  2.0 stars
sofa so good - Scotland
25. I wanted cottage cheese with my meal so I ordered from the a la curd menu.
  2.0 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
26. Some people spend a lot on their face, and always want to be taken at face value.
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27. Why was one copier mad at the other? Because it found out the other was two tonering it.
  2.0 stars
Robert J Rosenthal - Watsonville, Ca
28. In order to win, snooker players really need to be in the right frame of mind.
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29. Lazy people worship a bone idol.
  2.0 stars
HMA - Liverpool
30. Asked what time we could bring our cat, the vet said fur thirty!
  2.0 stars
Stanley Carvalho - Abu Dhabi

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