Great One Liners of the Month - July 2018

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1. What do you call a melancholy robot? A sighborg.
  3.5 stars
2. The man that pointed out the burning building was a fire distinguisher.
  3.4 stars
Dewey G - MPLS
3. I took a chance on a used food processor, but no dice.
  3.1 stars
4. My son asked me if I would leave him money after I died. I said, 'I probably will.'
  3.0 stars
SGTSnorkel - Iowa
5. What do you call a water bottle without a cap? De-cap-itated.
  3.0 stars
6. A dentist in a court trial was orally examined and re-examined by the defence lawyer ruthlessly, to extract the truth.
  3.0 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
7. A bad resume is a hire extinguisher.
  3.0 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
8. I used to be a lifeguard, but I couldn't keep my head above water.
  3.0 stars
9. Have you heard about the big snowstorm? It's flake news!
  2.9 stars
GerryB - Canada
10. The hair stylist was busy. She had a lot on her plait.
  2.8 stars
SGTSnorkel - Iowa

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