Great One Liners of the Month - January 2019

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1. What kind of bathing suit do the animals at the zoo wear? A zucchini.
  3.3 stars
2. When the baker is happy, what does he do? Abundance.
  3.3 stars
3. I tried to sell the antique string instrument cause I needed the lute.
  3.3 stars
SGTSnorkel - Iowa
4. In the mud room was a shoe rack shaped like a dinner fork, with a sign over it: 'These are the tines that dry men's soles.'
  3.1 stars
Bob Greenwade - Corvallis, OR
5. Impatience can be attributed to loss of wait!
  3.0 stars
SkipVought - Benbrook
6. How would you characterize a devious soviet pollinator spy? A KGB.
  3.0 stars
SkipVought - Benbrook
7. Brewery workers demand for concessional beer for their consumption, was considered on a case by case basis, and a ration-ale decision was reached by the management.
  3.0 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
8. My wife told me to wear a skirt for the day, and I really kilt it.
  2.9 stars
9. How would you characterize really awful chicken rhymes? Paltry poultry poetry.
  2.7 stars
SkipVought - Benbrook
10. The professional golfer's iron deficiency caused him to become anemic. There was no fairway to tell him that in less than fore months his golf career would be over.
  2.7 stars
Randy - Defiance, OH

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