Great One Liners of the Month - September 2018

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1. It's OK to borrow a book from the public library once in a while, but try not to overdue it.
  4.2 stars
GerryB - Canada
2. I got into a fight with a snail. It was a real slug-fest.
  3.8 stars
Jr. -
3. There was a sign hanging in the window of a dry cleaners I passed by. It read: 'So-and-So Dry Cleaners. Working on the same spot for 72 years.'
  3.6 stars
Lemaureaux - Milwuakee
4. People are always telling me to keep my nose to the grindstone, but I'm afraid that will cause me to lose face.
  3.2 stars
GerryB - Canada
5. The animal hairstylist at the zoo has become a mane attraction.
  3.2 stars
Andy Tenke - New York
6. I have a friend who owns a delivery service, is business picking up or dropping off?
  3.0 stars
Keith - NC U.S.
7. So many people buy their groceries at the market on the corner that it seems to have a corner on the market.
  3.0 stars
GerryB - Canada
8. Some say I eat so much fruit that I must be going bananas, while others think I'm already plum crazy. I respond to those people by giving them the raspberry.
  3.0 stars
GerryB - Canada
9. The recent development of synthetic meat is silly - why reinvent the veal?
  3.0 stars
GerryB - Canada
10. A food fight is roll playing.
  3.0 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY

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