Great One Liners of the Month - February 1998 - page 2

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11. A box of food you buy for breakfast will have a cereal number on it.
  2.8 stars
12. A thermometer making company manager was a hot head who sometimes boiled over.
  2.8 stars
13. Those with fishing rods like situations from reel life.
  2.7 stars
14. Some gas station owners are very self-serving.
  2.7 stars
15. Jim: 'Did you hear about the guy who ate twenty pancakes for breakfast?' Joe: 'How waffle.'
  2.7 stars
16. Earlier times saw more hand-maid items.
  2.6 stars
17. A pair of loud twins were stereo speakers.
  2.6 stars
18. A group of singers wore coral necklaces.
  2.5 stars
19. Old pilots never die, they just get more turbulent.
  2.5 stars
20. The king of boasts for a zoo was a lion named Aurora.
  2.4 stars

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