Great One Liners of the Month - February 2000

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Current Positions for February 2000

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1. Some children think that their parents are all no-ing.
  3.4 stars
2. Those who change the color of their food are on a dye-it.
  3.2 stars
3. There was an orchestra conductor who threw tempo tantrums.
  3.2 stars
4. An astronaut wrote about flying twice to the moon. It was double spaced.
  3.2 stars
5. Sellers of dried grapes are always raisin awareness.
  3.1 stars
6. A surgery nurse was demoted for being absent without gauze.
  3.1 stars
7. The fireplaces of oriental doctors have an Asian flue.
  3.1 stars
8. When the branding iron was invented cattle were very impressed.
  3.1 stars
9. A postal worker was always stamping her feet whenever they would letter.
  3.0 stars
10. Boxers who are always on time for their bouts are very punchual.
  2.9 stars

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