Great One Liners of the Month - June 2002 - page 2

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11. Before a mother knows the sex of her baby it's a hidden agender.
  3.1 stars
12. Never argue with your doctor. He has inside information.
  3.1 stars
13. A skier retired because he was going downhill.
  3.0 stars
14. A mountain climbing math teacher found an adder at the sum-mit.
  2.8 stars
15. A hairdresser for a movie star had a brush with fame.
  2.8 stars
16. A certain ship's captain was deep and unfathomable.
  2.8 stars
17. An army officer is a position that some people shoot for.
  2.8 stars
18. A circus truck driver refused to tow the lion.
  2.6 stars
19. When the elevator was invented, it was a step in the right direction.
  2.6 stars
20. The first court held in the air was on a trial baloon.
  2.5 stars

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