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Each example of a pun has been submitted by punsters all over the world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. If you think you can become a punster submit your puns to see if they are funny enough.

11. There is a haunted AC unit at my work. It's been giving everyone the chills!
  3.8 stars
M Rook - Dartmouth, NS, CAN
12. Wow, those slugs are tough as snails!
  2.8 stars
reif - hawaii
13. Today I spotted an albino dalmatian. Now everyone will be able to tell it's a dalmatian.
  3.0 stars
RB - Norfolk, VA
14. Years of arching ones back over a keyboard can lead to scrolliosis.
  3.3 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
15. When I lived on the coast I consulted the tide charts every day. I liked to keep up on current events.
  3.8 stars
SGTSnorkel - Iowa
16. The Orthodontists went on strike until they could get things straightened out.
  3.2 stars
Rick Kelso - Olathe, KS
17. Encounters between clumsy humans and killer whales tend to be orcward.
  2.4 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
18. I always eat a lot of chocolate on Valentine's Day because I know after the middle of February, Lent will be fast approaching.
  1.6 stars
Hyla Hope Harder - Tulsa, Oklahoma
19. I discovered that the mortician had buried my father in the wrong plot. It was a grave mistake.
  4.0 stars
RJS - New Zealand
20. I couldn't find the car window scraper this morning, so I used a plastic store discount card to clean my windows. It didn't work very well. I only got 20% off.
  3.8 stars
RB - Norfolk

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