Puns about Health (Misc. Practitioners)

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1. It's been my life long vision to become an optometrist, but I just couldn't see a way to make it happen.
  3.8 stars
Jr. -
2. Don't trust people that do acupuncture, they're back stabbers.
  3.8 stars
Nick - Morenci, AZ
3. Never ask a podiatrist for conversions to metric - he only knows feet.
  3.8 stars
Grandpa Snowman - Illinois
4. Optometrists live long because they dilate.
  3.8 stars
Joseph Leff - Florida
5. The proctologist reassured the patient that his condition could be rectified.
  3.7 stars
Feathery - New York City
6. The only thing common between a stork and an obstetrician is the long bill.
  3.7 stars
Sundar - India
7. When two orthopedists started a new surgery, it was a joint operation.
  3.7 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
8. My desire to be a dermatologist was only skin deep. I knew I was destined for osteology. I could feel it in my bones.
  3.7 stars
punstir - NYC
9. This is what I like about chiropractors. They always have your back.
  3.6 stars
Maurice Negrete - Greensboro, NC
10. The ophthalmologist was called to testify because he was the only eye witness.
  3.6 stars
Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma

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