Puns about Places (Countries) - page 4

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31. When Mongolians walk they like to take big steppes.
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32. People in Switzerland can't learn to ski without a lot of alp.
  3.0 stars
33. I czeched on the prague-ress of my geography.
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34. People have a happy time vacationing in Ireland because they are walking on Eire.
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35. When Irish boys carry their little brothers, they get a Pat on the back.
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36. How Long is a Chinese man.
  2.9 stars
37. A new country decided to conduct a flag poll.
  2.8 stars
38. Occasionally in the Caribbean there's a total calypso the sun.
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39. 'Should we watch the Swiss?'. 'Of quartz we should.'
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Stanton - California
40. Puns were actually invented in the southern reaches of Ukraine. That's why they call it Crimean punnishment.
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Bob Greenwade - Corvallis, OR

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