Puns about The Workplace (Sales) - page 4

31. A jewelry salesman was nicknamed The Ringleader
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32. I opened a shop selling budgerigars. They're flying off the shelves.
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Garibaldi - Belfast, UK
33. A used car salesman started a chain and thus founded the Auto-man Empire.
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Reyner - Winter Park, FL
34. The mannequin applied for a job at the day-care centre, it wanted to be a creche test dummy.
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35. To run an electrical shop, you need a volting ambition to take charge.
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Scrabble817 - Woking, England
36. Some car salesmen try and sell rack-and-opinion steering.
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37. It's important for a clock salesman not to lose face.
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38. Salespeople selling security equipment like to see people get alarmed.
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39. Car salesmen compete trying to sell for the lease amount.
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40. Did you hear about the film editor at Hollywood who had a part-time job at a pizza parlor? He used to ask customers whether they wanted one splice or two.
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