Puns about The Workplace (Inventions) - page 5

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41. Early nuclear experimenters discovered an element of surprise.
  2.7 stars
42. They threw a party for the inventor of the toaster. And he was toasted.
  2.7 stars
43. The inventor of the balloon was full of hot air.
  2.7 stars
44. Calendars are always up to date.
  2.6 stars
45. The inventor of the fahrenheit scale solved the problem by degrees.
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46. The inventor of shag carpet made a big pile.
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47. When the elevator was invented, it was a step in the right direction.
  2.5 stars
48. The seed company turfed out my idea for ready made lawn.
  2.3 stars
Irish Limbo - Auckland
49. Semaphore was flagged away as a form of communication decades ago.
  2.2 stars
Irish Limbo - Auckland
50. He knew his lot in life was to create the world's greatest mosquito repellant. He had a deet with destiny.
  2.0 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa

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