Puns about The Workplace (Research) - page 3

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21. What was the Ichthyologist doing at the local archives? Looking for micro fiche.
  3.1 stars
Jesse - Victoria
22. Scientists studying the sun have a flare for research.
  3.0 stars
23. Molecules boiling points vary to some degree.
  3.0 stars
Jessica - Minnesota
24. The people who are predicting when all time will halt are known as endochronologists.
  3.0 stars
Joseph Leff - Florida
25. The intelligent entrepreneur's idea for designing catapults meant that his boss was completely thrown.
  3.0 stars
26. The gravity was so powerful, I couldn't stand it.
  2.9 stars
27. Scientists wanting to send a rocket to Jupiter had to really planet.
  2.9 stars
28. Breeders for lab science animals are definitely part of the rat race.
  2.9 stars
29. If you do research in optics you will have to do some light reading.
  2.9 stars
30. Some scientists who study our genes are so busy they do it on the fly.
  2.8 stars
JA - Houston

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