Puns about Education (University) - page 3

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21. The cosmetic student was sick on the day of the final exam. Now she has to take a Make Up exam.
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dave - Connecticut
22. I took up teaching fencing as I wanted my students to get the point.
  3.3 stars
RJS - New Zealand
23. The study of ancient symbols will lead you to rune.
  3.2 stars
Dif - Pagosa Springs, CO
24. I asked somebody a question about pi, their answer was never ending!
  3.2 stars
25. I knew I'd passed my thermodynamics exam, when the people who mark the degrees centigrade.
  3.2 stars
26. I have written several papers regarding weather effects. I saved them all in the cloud.
  3.1 stars
Nick - Rising Sun, IN
27. When I was young, I wanted to study archaeology, but my dad thought it was nothing more than a lot of skullduggery ...
  3.1 stars
Rick - Louisville, KY
28. The student who got an A grade in driver's ed, was known as a 'Roads Scholar'.
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29. Graduates receiving their doctorates often get the third degree.
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30. My advanced geometry class is full of squares.
  3.0 stars
Alex - France

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